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Watch out for them ppl that try to sneak and drink ALL the good liquor (Ciröc)…..

There’s always that cheap ass drunk that comes to YOUR house…..

Somebody has the life remote and threw me in the show Everybody hates Chris…… Shit has really been a joke lately


To become a better person you have to know who you are….. This helps with growth and will help you improve your deficiencies

Bundle of bills just got paid…. I hate priorities but it makes it that much easier to drink at happy hour after you take care of them.

Talk with mom

My mother said she worries about me because she can’t tell if I care about anything and she can never read me. What she doesn’t realize is that I am not a book meant to be read. I’m more like a movie. Just wait and see how the story evolves.


Don’t be a paleontologist digging up old shit and don’t be a guy walking a dog digging up new shit. Just wipe your own ass and worry about your shit.


I moved to a padded room to be extinguished from the crazy world that lives outside of it. For I am not the person people portray me to be. If I was I would be diagnosed wit a slight case of schizophrenia and multiple personalities. I don’t share my thoughts and views for one to listen and criticize, I share them to let people know I am human. If I were to be stabbed in the heart would I not hurt? If the knife were words would I not be effected? I say that to say I am a human who would rather be forgotten than neglected.

Tory Lanez

—T.L.C (Prod. By Tory Lanez x PlayBack)


Tory Lanez - T.L.C. 

This shit been the story of my life…. Kinda

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That’s it…..

That’s it…..

Truth is the hearts curse…..

MARI TURNT!!!! #happybirthdaymari

Dudes when their shorty gets her W-2’s….

Dudes when their shorty gets her W-2’s….

Abe Stinkoln…… @lostcredit

Abe Stinkoln…… @lostcredit